By respect of wine...


This barrel is made from a blend of medium-tight grained wood, available with two types of toasting methods, one for white wine and the other for red. The philosophy behind this barrel is to add aromas and notes of vanilla and spice, whilst at the same time retaining the freshness of the fruit.

This barrel gives the wine a first impression of sweetness and volume mid-palate. These modern 'rich' barrels should be used for short maturation periods of around 6 to 9 months for the production of wine for young drinking.


Here we offer both tradition and modernity. This barrel, classically made from a blend of wood from the Allier and the Vosges, is also available in wood uniquely from one or other of the regions, depending on the style of wine it will hold. The wood is fine grained, with a seasoning of between 18 to 24 months. The objective of this barrel is to add great complexity on the nose, as well as elegance and length on the palate.

This barrel type has a powerful character and is suitable for wines for long aging of between 10 to 14 months and its oak integrates quite slowly. Its main benefits are its silky tannins and the length that it will help give the wine.


An icon of classicism, this exceptional barrel is made from a blend of wood from the forests of Tronçais and Jupilles (but can also come from wood from either of the regions).

The philosophy behind this barrel, where the wood is dried for a minimum of 36 months, is above all to accentuate the potential of powerful, concentrated, tannic wines with the help of the barrel's dense and elegant structure, which adds smoothness and depth at the end of the ageing process.

The aromatic impact respects the wine’s character, as is our custom. The barrel’s oak integrates very slowly with the wine and for this reason we recommend you use it for long maturation periods of 14 to 20 months, so that it can fully express itself.