Our history

It all started with Hubert, my grandfather...

My grand-father Hubert

It all started with my grandfather, Hubert, who carried out his apprenticeship in the Armagnac region in 1922, before setting up his own cooperage company in 1945.

My father, Yves, joined the team in 1950 and between them they produced 125 barrels per month, of which most were for Bordeaux wines. In 1982, at the age of 13, I made my first barrel under the watchful eye of these two skilled master coopers.

My grand-father Hubert My grand-father Hubert My grand-father Hubert My grand-father Hubert

New workshop

In 1997, the company started to export, to Italy, to the USA and Canada, and in 2002 to Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Austria.

In 2001, I decided to create a new, better-equipped workshop to modernize production.

New workshop

A legacy
to passion for wine…

Today, the Tonnellerie Saint Martin has 40 employees and a production capacity of 1,200 barrels per month.

But most importantly for me, the company represents a long history of skilled craftsmanship, and the life of a family with a great love of wine.

A legacy to passion for wine…