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We will welcome you at the ENOMAQ ZARAGOZA exhibition, from 24 to 27 February, on our booth A / 7-9 of Pavilion 5


SIMEI 2013


Siamo lieti di invitarLa al nostro stand del Simei che si terrà a  Fiera Milano (Rho) dal 12 al 16 Novembre 2013 Pad. 9 Stand E31.

La Sua presenza è per noi motivo di stimolo ed orgoglio nel far conoscere i nostri prodotti, frutto della tradizione ed innovazione che contraddistingue la nostra Tonnellerie.

Gli artigiani della Tonnellerie saint Martin in un modernissimo laboratorio, perpetuano gesti ancestrali con il loro sapere, per dare alle barrique di quercia il marchio \"Saint Martin\", un autentico segno di qualità in Francia, in Italia e nei più grandi vigneti del mondo

Ogni vino è unico ed è il riflesso della personalità del viticoltore, ecco perchè non dobbiamo mai tradire l\'uomo e quindi il suo vino!


Tonnellerie Saint Martin Padiglione 9 stand E31


The 2013 harvest marks the 10th anniversary of the Tonnellerie Saint Martin in Australasia – how time flies! A big thank you to all those who made it possible to market our barrels here, which have proved a huge success. Saint Martin Australasia was set up on the 16th of September 2003.  Not only has time flown by very quickly, but we have also had some great times over the last 10 years. Without doubt, the most important thing for me, for which I feel really honoured and very lucky, are the professional relationships and friendships that have developed along this wonderful adventure.  An important development marking this 10th anniversary is Australia’s first allocation of Grande Reserve barrels made uniquely from wood from the forest of Jupilles, available in very limited quantities. Situated in the Sarthe, north of the Loire Valley, the forest of Bercé (its official name), close to the little village of Jupilles, is one of the smallest forest areas used for stave production. Around 150 km from the Atlantic Ocean, the forest of Jupilles is spread over just 12,000 hectares.  It is actually the plantation density of these oaks, of over 100 years old, which makes Jupilles a forest area where the oak is extremely fine grained. As this is the first time this type of barrel will be used, it is difficult at this stage for me to determine which grape varieties and which vineyards this barrel will be best used for. Those who already use the our Grande Reserve Tronçais/Jupilles (50%/50%) are familiar with its aromatic, spicy character, its respect of the fruit\\\'s character and its finesse, and also know that Jupilles perfectly complements the powerful character, length and density of tannins of the wood from Tronçais. This blend provides an exceptional barrel for many different grape varieties and I can’t wait to see the results we will get from this unique barrel! To be continued …

Garry King, Saint Martin Australasia 



After 8 months of hard work we are proud to announce the opening in March 2012 of our new stave mill and log yard in Cosne d’Allier  The facilities on this site are of course designed to help us deliver constant quality improvement in order to provide our customers with excellent products. This new, adapted production site, combines modern technical facilities, respect for the environment - notably the treatment of water used for preserving the logs in the spring - and compliance with traceability procedures. Finally, even if the majority of the tasks are carried out artisanally, the arduous nature of the work (an important factor which has long been a worry for the Saint Martin family) has been considerably reduced.



Another bad year for the Vinitech exhibition! The number of professionals attending the event, particularly from abroad, has continued to fall over the last four shows. However, we are satisfied with the impact the show has had in terms of trade and press relations. The show gave us the chance to announce the appointment of Benjamin Macrez to our numerous French customers. Benjamin is our new Sales and Marketing Director in charge of Europe, Asia and Latin America, who joined the team last October.  It was also good to continue to meet people face to face as human contact is so important especially when times are tough. Thank you again to all those who came to see us!



For the first time ever, Tonnellerie Saint Martin was at ENOMAQ 2013, a well regarded Spanish trade exhibition! This was a good opportunity to break into the Iberian market, which is very dynamic but undergoing complete reconstruction following the economic crisis affecting the country like most other Euro Zone countries.  The number and type of visitors were interesting, even if it was obvious that the organizers could have reduced the length of the show to 3 days. Hasta la proxima!